I underwent what was what I understood to be emergency surgery. I had endured an injury 10 days prior, went to my MD, was given pain medications and muscle relaxers with lifting restrictions. After the 10 days, my pain got worse, I stretched then heard a pop, that is when my disks hernitated. The ER was unable to control my excruciating my pain at all. I was given surgery asap and am disappionted by my slow recovery. I am 34, slightly underweight and was very active, and in excellent shape. I am now easliy fatigued, and hurt when not in bed or a chaise lounge at home. I am unable to drive for a month and must wear a very restricting neck brace 24/7 except for bathing and I am to wear this for 3 months. I read about others and it seems that my recovery is overwhelmingly slower than others. Cadaver parts, titanium plates and rods were all use to correct my herniation. Does anyone else have first hand experience with such a procedure.