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I will be having the ACDF very soon to repair stenosis at C5-C6 as well as cleaning up some bone spurs and opening up nerve root canals.  The neurosurgeon has indicated that he takes marrow from the large hip bone, spins it down to stem cell and uses that mixture in the process.  He also does not use the titanium plate to fuse the work but rather, uses a substitute disc piece that has screws attached.

The doc quotes a +/- 95% success rate, says the procedure takes less than one hour and involves just one night's stay at the hospital.  Anticipated recovery time is 2 weeks at home in a soft brace then I'm on my own with respect to driving, activity, etc.

To those of you who have had this surgery does any or all of this make sense?  The doctor says he's done a whole bunch of these and would have the procedure done to himself if necessary.  With all the homework we've done we have yet to encounter much info on the stem cell portion or the use of something rather than the titanium plate to help the fusion process.

Thank you!


Jerry Hooper



Hi Jerry...

Wondering if you can give me an update on your situation. I just had the identical procedure done on April 11 th and am wondering what to expect re the next 6 weeks, 3 months, etc.

Would love to get as active as I can sooner than later but know that i need to be patient...very be safe. I am wondering what kind of timeline re. actual fusion...and what i can do in the meantime.

Hope to hear from you !Cheers