So I'll begin with this. My girlfriend has an irregular period, so she never knows when she'll get one or if she'll miss or if she'll just spot or anything. Another thing to note is I have a lot of precum. For example if I'm aroused for say 5 minutes consistently I will see wet marks coming through my shorts. So on day we were messing around and we had done foreplay for a little bit and she wanted to have sex. I said no but I ended up rubbing my penis on her vulva. I'm sure pre cum got on her vagina. About a week later she spotted, but she said she thought it was her period. My close friend told me I'd be fine, but I don't know. Fast forward about 2 weeks, we're messing around again and once again I rubbed my penis on her vulva. We were grinding and my penis got right on or maybe slightly into her vaginal canal (by slightly I mean maybe a few millimeters, barely.) This time however, I had masturbated earlier in the day. (About 10 hours prior, and I had urinated 3 times I believe since then.) her period should come in a week or two but I guess I need some positive reinforcement until then.