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I had sec with my bf on Valentine's day and it was my last day on periods but the blood wasnt coming out anymore. We used a condom and didn't break/blust.I even went to clinic and told me that i wont be pregnant and i did a pregnancy test too and said negative. But now  i feel like vomiting and have cramps on my tummy . I last took a morning pill and it worked.  So am i still allow to took it again . I am worried and not ready to be pregnant. Please help ,how to prevent this situation?

Thank You


To prevent from becoming pregnant you should double up on birth control. Have him wear a condom and you need to get on some kind of birth control also. They have tons of different kinds to suit your lifestyle from a daily pill, a monthly ring, a shot you get every 3 months, or a piece they put in you for five years.

You had sex before ovulation if your body follows a regular pattern. You ovulate two weeks after the first day of your menstrual cycle and sperm can live inside you up to 3 days. I do not think your pregnant with all of the different methods you used from him properly wearing a condom that didnt bust or break to taking the morning after pill.

When you worry and stress out your body sometimes will react and give you pregnancy like feelings from vomiting to a stomache. I wouldnt stress about being pregnant unless you miss your period.