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Don't let the Valentine's Day atmosphere ruin your mood if you're single. If you're on your own, you have a whole lot to celebrate. Here's why.

The chocolate hearts and special gifts have been in the stores for weeks already, and you haven't been able to browse the web in peace because adverts for romantic gifts and dinners are everywhere. Don't even think about hopping over to Amazon, because you'll be bombarded by suggestions to buy stuff for your partner. 

It's that time of the year again. The ultimate couples' holiday has arrived. Holidays always have the tendency to bring a sense of togetherness that can make anyone who is left out feel lonely, but Valentine's Day is exceptionally irritating if you are single.

Some singles can't stand Valentine's Day because they would prefer to be coupled, while others are perfectly comfortable with their status and have a hard time dealing with the pity-party or blind dates others try to create for them. 

Surviving Valentine's Day can be tough if you're single — happily or reluctantly. But dump the guilt, have the whole box of chocolates to yourself, and celebrate your singledom. 

Being Single Rocks

Valentine's Day isn't the only holiday on February the 14th. You have a perfect alternative in the humorous Singles Appreciation Day, which reminds you that being single doesn't mean you're broken but does mean you don't have to be broke. There is certainly something romantic about a day that celebrates love between partners, but let's be honest and admit that Valentine's Day is more about consumerism than romance. 
Will your other half be offended if you don't show love to your credit card company this February? Not if you don't have one.
You can just forget about Valentine's Day altogether, but if you don't like the thought of that, embrace the consumerism and throw a singles' party instead. Those who would really like to meet "the one" (or just have some fun) can set up a blind-date type party. 
Singles who don't mind being single or who actually really love it can get together with other happily unpartnered folks, and celebrate. Because being single rocks, if you love it. You can live your life on your own terms and don't get hampered by another person's opinions and habits all the time.
Being single can certainly be something to celebrate, and here's why. 

No 'Bonus' Relationships

When you get together with the man or woman of your dreams, you tend to get a ton of unwanted "bonus" relationships for free. Singles don't have to worry about an over-critical mother-in-law, their partner's alcoholic grandfather, or that friend who suspiciously seems to be just a little more than a friend.  
Dealing with the people who are in your own life involuntarily is quite enough, isn't it? You have your own family, coworkers, and neighbors, but you don't need to have a whole bunch of your partner's toxic and unpleasant people around if you are single. Mind you, some people hide their friends and relatives from the person they are in a relationship with altogether, and that is a whole other kind of problematic.
When you are single, you have more control over who is in your life, and fewer worries about people who aren't. 
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