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I'm 35, I'm on the pill (Jasmin) I had a period, but I FEEL preg.. I feel sick to my stomache, and my breasts hurt. I have taken several preg. test and they say negative. Could the birthcontrol pill be making the test negative, does it effect it in anywa?


Hello there! What does it mean to feel pregnant for you? I often get that sort of a feeling especially if my period is late and I feel fatigue but it always turns up I am not. Have you already been pregnant before?

The thing that you had your period and that you are on the birth control pills and that the test showed negative are three very strong indicators that you are not pregnant.

Birth control pills shouldn’t interfere with pregnancy tests because the tests are based on looking for the presence of special hormone called hcg that is produced by the placenta when a woman gets pregnant. Placenta starts producing these hormones when an embryo crawls up into the endometrium.

Birth control pills deliver two hormones to your body in order to trick your body to think that you are already pregnant, so it wouldn’t release any eggs from your ovaries. Even if the egg is released from an ovary, it is usually prevent from entering the uterine lining because the lining gets thick in order to prevent that and to prevent spermatozoids from coming in and fertilizing an egg. So, there are three things bc pills can do to stop you from getting pregnant. Your chances are bigger to get pregnant while on the pill if you are not taking the pills according to the use-directions.