Ok so a little more than 2 weeks I lost my virginity. We used a condom and I am on birth control. To my understanding, the condom did not break or slip. I've been on birth control for about 1 year; however, I just started taking the pill at the same time every day a couple weeks before we had sex. A couple days ago I started to experience nausea in the morning. Today, I have felt dizzy the entire day. I am freaking out because i am terrified that I could be pregnant. I took an early result pregnancy test and it came out negative but I am still terrified that it could have been too early or I did something wrong. I ca not stop freaking out that I could be pregnant. I am 18 and I can't be pregnant right now my parents would kick me out. I also have OCD and have had health anxiety before, so i was wondering if the dizziness could just be this.