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My frnd is 25 yrs old and her period started on 20th Feb and ended on 23 Feb. She has a very regular cycle of 28 days. She did sexual intercourse on 25th Feb at morning and took emergency pill (morning pill) just after 12 hrs. Now she is too much worried abt her pregnancy. Can u please tell me what is the possibility of her pregnancy?


She was not ovulating at the time of unprotected sex but sperm can live inside of you on average of three days which is still a little early for ovulation. Also she took the emergency contraceptive pill which will help prevent pregnancy. There is always a slight possiblity of pregnancy after unprotected sex but since she took the morning after pill her chances go down. I would say there is a little chance of pregnancy and not to stress out over it unless she misses her period for the month of March.