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i had sex with my partner five days every day before my conception date and on the day of my conception (12th november) i also had sex after this date (there was No contraception!! at any point of intercourse) my period due date was late i took a pregnancy test and it came back  negative the next day i spotted some bleeding this was light and kept for three- four days( my period is regular 28days for 5days ) today i woke up a week after my period to find two blood clots whilst i wiped my self also a brownish colour discharge on the tissue i den took another pregnancy test  that came up negative again what  might cause this is der a chance that i could be  pregnant?/


Well i personal don't have kid's but my hole family does and friends as well . I say if you have taking test before and they are all negative , and have light spotting , i would make appointment  with your local doctor . It might be that you ghc levels are not high enough to make the test come back proper . hope this help's