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Hello! So, my boyfriend and I had sex on the 5 of April (during my expected ovulation time) and I was supposed to start my period on the 19th. I took 1 test 2 days before my expected period and 1 on the day of my expected period. Both were negative but I still hadn't gotten my period. I have a very regular period so this really scared me. I took one again today, the 25th, 6 days after my expected period and 20 days after having sex, and it still negative with no period. I haven't had any of the earliest pregnancy symptoms (i.e. implantation bleeding, tender breasts, food aversions, etc.) so I'm not sure what's going on... Help/advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!


My husband and I are trying to have a baby.  Was on fertility pills. Test for ovulation and was positive on the 5th. I had lots of signs. I am 6 days late too and all test said negative.  My doctor said to wait till Friday and take a test early in the morning. However, if you are trying to get pregnant my advise to you is try and relax.  Get something you love to do other than worry. Or you will send yourself crazy.  I did about 10 pregnancy test from First Response to normal and all negative and it was stressing me out more than any good.  So RELAX.  Take a test Friday let me know whats your result