My period is always like clockwork. 30/31 days. Every time. Ovulation week, always on time, always have mittelschmerz. My last period was Feb 22-25, was relatively normal, medium flow.... March 9th however, during the week I was supposed to ovulate, I bled again.. rather light at first, but was inbetween dark and light pink blood, then turned to brown the next day. This lasted for 3 days. Thought it was really weird, but chalked it up to ovulation bleeding and moved on. Fast forward to March 24th, I have creamy discharge.. But thought, oh well, my period is due the next day, could be preparing for that, ect... I flew to Australia the 28th. Period never showed up. It's now April 3rd. It still isn't here. What could be happening? I haven't had sex since January, so there's no way I'm pregnant. Has it reset or something?