My period cycle is usually 35 days with 7 days of actual menstruation. My last menstural cycle was from March 25 to March 31. My next expected cycle should begin April 29. On April 4 my boyfriend and I had sex, during the middle of it the condom broke. We have no clue how long it was broken, but he didn't ejaculate. I know precum can be just as dangerous though. Yesterday (April 14) there was a brown discharge that showed on my underwear and today (April 15) I'm bleeding bright red. There's enough to need a pantyliner, but nothing more. There also seems to be small blood clots visible after I use the toilet. I've never bleed between periods like this, nor have I never had any bleeding during ovulation. Could this be implantation bleeding? Also, today I felt what seemed to be dull cramps, but they only lasted a handful of minutes so now I'm not even sure they really happened. Just before the bleeding started (April 13) I had a watery discharge which usually signifies my fertile time. I wasn't tracking the discharge before then. I'm curious to know how possible it is for me to be pregnant, and if anyone could explain the bleeding. I'm planning on waiting for my period and if I miss it I'll take a test. If we're pregnant we will happily love and care for our baby so we didn't take any emergency contraceptive, we just didn't plan on a baby yet. I'm looking for thoughts and input! Thank you in advance.