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My last day of my period was march 31 I had sex around March 24 and possible 27 with my ex then I ha sex in early April like April 4 -7 my doctor said I conceived April 16 my due date is jan 7 so would the father be my boyfriend who I had sex with in April or my ex ? I know this sounds horrible but things happen and me n my boyfriend was broke up at the time


Hi Guest,

When did your period START?  That's day one of your cycle.  I'm going to guess around March 23rd...

If so, it is unlikely that having sex in March would get you pregnant.  Why?  Because YOU wouldn't normally ovulate until between days 11 to 16 of your cycle or between April 3 and 8.

Sperm can only survive about 5 days.

So, having sex in early April it is very likely you'd get pregnant.  It looks like your boyfriend, whom you had sex with in April, is the father.

Due dates and ultrasounds are estimates.  They can be off by a couple of weeks.

A DNA test can confirm paternity.

Hope it helps.  Good luck.