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I came on here and was surprised to read that I'm not the only one having these symptoms. I went off the pill back in October and since then I have had regular periods. My cycle has been 31/32 days give or take a day or two. My last period was on 1/5/2007 so I'm 6 days late. I took a pregnancy test last Thursday and Friday and both came up negative. I took another one this morning and that came up negative too! My boyfriend and I are trying to get pregnant and I'm just confused because i've never been late before. I feel bloated in my lower abdomen and my nipples are very sensitive. I plan on calling my doctor tomorrow to do a blood test if I still don't get my period.


Hi, I'm sorta going through a similar thing. My period is now a week late and has been pretty regular otherwise. I haven't been overly stressed so I don't think that could be the cause of being late so I'm really hoping that losing your virginity can in fact delay menstration. Please please offer any input you have--

I lost my virginity on June 23rd then my bf and I had sex every following day until the 30th. Every time we used a condom and we're very careful about it, but i'm not on birth control. He also pulled out before finishing every time and would cum afterward (no longer wearing the condom but not in/near my vagina).

My periods: My average cycle is about 32 days and last 6 periods are as follows:
June 8-15 (which was unusually long)
May 11-14
April 7-10
March 8-11
February 6-10
January 7-11

I expected to get my period on July 10th (7 days ago) but nothing. Do I have to take a pregnancy test? Do I have anything to worry about? Any idea how long it will take to come/if i'll just skip this one and expect it in August? Thanks!!