Hi, on New Year's Eve my girlfriend came over and ended up giving me a ha****b. She wiped her hands on her pajamas and went to the bathroom 3-5 minutes after and wiped herself (using toilet paper (~3 sheets)) with the same hand. She wiped normally and did not penetrate her vagina to her knowledge. Her period was supposed to come on the 11th and indeed cramps had preceded this date for a couple days and she got light spotting for one day starting late at night on the 12th and ending at night on the 13th. We have been under much stress and I know this can affect menstrual cycles. However, she took three pregnancy tests on the 17th and 19th. The test on the 17th (@ 1:30pm) was clearly negative as was the test in the evening of the 19th. However, she reported seeing a blurred streak of sorts on a test taken the morning of the 19th. She says it may have been the lighting and was very faint. I calculated her ovulation times and we would have been several days past her peak fertility. She hasn't exhibited any other pregnancy symptoms. I know a definite answer cannot be provided, but what are your opinions on her chances of pregnancy?