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I am 9 weeks and one day pregnant, my doctor said I conceived New Year's Eve, the night me and my boyfriend got back together, but the 24th of December (Christmas Eve) I had sex with my ex. Me and my ex used a condom but me and boy boyfriend did not and he came inside me. I'm just a little worried because I know the doctor told me just because she thinks I conceived New Year's Eve it could be a few days off. I'm almost positive my current boyfriend is the father, just looking got a little reassurance! 


Hi guest,

When did your LMP start?  Around December 21?

If so, it would have been very unlikely that you'd get pregnant on Dec. 24.  It's too early in the cycle.  You aren't likely to ovulate until between days 11-16 and that was day 3.  Sperm can survive up to about 5 days max - so not likely to be able to fertilize the egg when you ovulate.

But, you had sex with your boyfriend on day 10, just about when you'd be nearing peak fertility.

He's VERY likely the father.  A DNA test can confirm.