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Hi everyone. I was due for my period on the 14th of this month as they always come on time and usually it's on the actual day. I've come on 7 days early which is a bit unusual for me seeing as my periods are regular. I wouldn't call it a period, there's clots but they are small and some are the size of a ant; there's blood but sometimes it's just clotting that's on the tissue and sometimes it's pinkish reddish blood.. I had sex with my fiancé on the day I was meant to of conceived, I came of my period on the 19th December so I should've conceived on the 2nd January. We had sex on New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. I've been getting, nauseous, itchy breasts, headaches (off and on).. Aches near my uterus area that feel like AF but not so painful - also when I go toilet there's no blood on the pad, it's really clean but when I wipe I can see it. The last time I wiped I saw a pinkish discharge and it was a small blob of it with nothing else on tissue.


Dear Ang

If your period was due 14th Jan, that presupposes ovulation on 31 Dec, which is when you had sex. If a released egg was fertilised, then implantation would have been expected 9th Jan (+/- 3 days).

I don't know what you mean by "I had sex with my fiancé on the day I was meant to of [have?] conceived" nor why you think you "should've conceived on the 2nd January" because you finished your "period on the 19th December". Period finishing date has little to do with it. You ovulate a fortnight before the next period start, or rather, a period arrives a fortnight after ovulation if pregnancy has not occurred.

Hope this helps