I had sex on the 5th and he pulled out and I as suppose to get my period on the 12th but it didnt come. I started getting dizzy and I thoughtit was my blood pressure dropping again but then I started to become sensative to smells and smetimes vomiting from the smells. I was extremely tired but I took two test and they came back negative but I think it was too early to tell. I started getting really ad cramps and on the 17th my cramps felt like false labor pains or contractions. Then on the 18th I thought I got my period it was bright red and very heavy and it lasted for 4 days. Every time me and my boyfriend starts to fight my cramps would get worse and last night they started getting bad after a fight and didnt stop and today the bleedin stopped now it is just spotting but the pains have gotten worse. Alot of pressure down thre. I had none of my normal menstral symptoms and it is really weird. I dontknow if I should go to the doctor or not. Im not trying to get pregnant but I have been pregnant before and found out at two weeks so I know it is not impossible to have symptoms this early but I ever had a miscarraige before so I dont know if that is what I am having? Any advise?