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idk wuh is wrong//

i am 18 years old i was suppose to start my period dec/16th buh started 6 days early the 10th of dec,.. then i bleed for 5 days straight, no heavy bleeding, really red, not like any other period.. and my menstral cycles are normal.. after my period was over i started to get alot of pain in my right side of my lower stomach not sure if it was my ovaaries. buh any way i was also getting really sharp pain in my lower back on the right side as well.. ive been discharging alot not like normal sometimes its white sumtimes its yellow.. and stinky ;? after every meal i eat i get bloated and i stay bloated all day.. untill morning comes that my stomach is flat then i eat and boom its big again... ive been eating alot latley too buh at nights i cant sleep if i sleep on my stomach(how i always do) i get this pressure and i get cramps(not like period cramps different) even if i were to sleep on my sides pressure and cramps.. today i woke up at 630 i was hungry buh did not eat my stomach was killing me then i went to pee and it did not hurt any more my stomach started growling so i culd eat sumthing then buh then i started to get paain than finally i at at 245ish felt better..  yeah my breast are swollen and sometimes they hurt.. especially at night...

could i be pregnant

or is something else wrong.. with me

 i havin yet took a test cuz im waiting to see if i start the 10 again..

shuld i consult a doctor idk wuh to do



I WOULD DEFINITELY CONSULT A DOCTOR RIGHT AWAY!!  Don't wait!! with the yellowish discharge and smelly it sounds like you may have an STD or bacterial vagenosis bac vaginsois is not sexually transmitted but it comes when your ph is off kilter in your vagina. and then you will need to take metrogel inserted into your vaginal area but if it is a sexually transmitted disease you still need to get into a doc right way if you let that go you can scar your insides and possibly not ever have any children and also pass it on to others I have been in your situation scared and those 2 same things... mine ended up being a sexually transmitted disease and got treatment right away.

I hope this helps you!!  Another thing with the pain you are having you can have a tubal pregnancy going on or an ovarian cyst that poped and they hurt when that happens!! Wish you all the Luck!! Please let me know k?