So last month two weeks before I was suppose to start my period I had a horrible pain in the night from my belly button to my pelvic area. It hit me to where it was so hard to move when I tried to get up to go to the restroom I couldn't move. I thought it was just gas but there was no gas no problems and after a few long minutes it went away I got up and was sore but fine. The next day I bled and then stopped. Among my obsession with wanting peanut butter and banana everything I started spotting bright pink blood and spotted the whole week. Then it stopped. I was taking Low Hormone BC and hadn't missed (to regulate my estrogen being to high) My aunt said it could of just been from that. Two weeks later I got my period like normal. Well now a month later from when I had that horrible pain for the last 10 days my nipples have been so sore. WHen I put my bra on it's soreif i press them, touch them, they feel like someone is pinching them... Yesterday I had horrible flu like symptoms cold and chills even though it was 98 degrees I was wearing a sweater. Had a horrible fever. Woke up this morning with just ears plugged and head fog and throat sore ???? I'm not suppose to start til around the 18th.... I took a test last month when I was spotting and it came out negative? Would it be worth taking one again? it's just really weird. I did stop taking my pills so I don't know if that could also be a sign my estrogen is to high again ? (the sore nipples) ? The only time i had sore nipples was right before my first misscarage... I had sore nipples for two weeks then had morning sickness no matter what i ate. Smells sick all that. Just... any thoughts would be nice since I asked my mom and she told me to get checked out for breast cancer because "that's not normal" ..... -.-