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I really don't know what is up with me .

i have like. a fear of vomiting or diarreah [ cant spell ]

and i always worried about being sick,
so i never quite knew if me feeling sick like near enough every day was down to me imagining it as alot of people expected, because everyone thinks i'm a hypchondriac

i remember i used to feel sick alot most mornings of school and i'd just keep thinking about it and worrying of throwing up in class. I didn't even know if i actually knew the feeling of ' feeling sick' anymore.

But anyway.
after the end of school i felt sick every so often,
but theres like ALWAYS something wrong with me anyway
if its not that its a headache or a toothache or something else.

and then i started to get strange stomach aches,
One time i woke in the morning , felt fine
ate my cereal
then got a stomach ache
n then after going to the toilet it wasnt exactly ' solid '
so then instead of going out i'd think well im ill now i cant go out
so i'd end up staying in all day.
but later to realise, that after that one thing in the morning i was fine
and whenever i tried to go toilet i didnt even need to go at all
so regretting staying in
and this happened a few times .
i got into the habit of staying in alot.

i dont really go to the toilet much
like i used to,
but i got these weird stomach things
where it was kinda hurtin
but it felt like something moving around inside me
and id get other different stomach pains aswel
which felt like indigestion and burning in my stomach and that
and then other stomach pains which felt like i had alot of wind or something
and feeling like i needed to go toilet but everytime i try .. i didnt need to

i dont know what this is ,
but ive been wondering. because my dad has ibs.
where he gets constipation and that and cant eat like spicy things really

so i have been trying to avoid spicy things just in case thats whats wrong with me ,
one night my stomach pains were so bad i was just there crying and i actually had to go and wake my mum up because i didnt know what to do it was so bad

and then last night i went to stay at a friends house
we went to a fair and i went on some rides and that and felt sick after .. then my stomach started to hurt again but i couldnt tell if it was just cause i was really hungry so i bought a hot dog and then my stomach ache just got worse
then it died down a bit and then later on at my friends house it got so bad and i felt so sick
i couldnt get to sleep cause i just would wake up again in pain
and then again today its been hurting all day
and feeling like i need the loo but nothing really happens
and i feel hungry all the time today i dont know why
i ate my tea and i felt hungry like right after
so then i ate a donut
then not long after that i felt hungry again
and lately ive been feeeling really bloated and things
like i couldnt eat the other morning ... because i just felt so horrible. like all heavy and bloated even though i hadnt even drank or ate yet that day
and then the other week i got really worried because i noticed when i went to the toilet .. some blood .

and someone was telling me it could be piles or something,

i dont understand what is going on with my body
but its ruining my life
all i do is stay in because i am too scared ill get bad if i go out
im losing my friends because they just know im always ill and think i fake it and think theres no point inviting me places because im always feeling sick and ill.

im 16. and i cant talk to my parents i dont talk to them about barely anything.,
they know ive been getting stomach aches alot
but im too scared to go to the doctors
especially with my mum im sure it might be pretty embarassing for me

I know this message is really long
but i just want you to get the whole drift of whats been happening
because its realy getting me down and just making me feel like i just want to give up on eating food at all .. because today my stomach gets worse after everything i eat and it doesnt help that i'm constantly feeling so hungry.

please help me and give me as much advice as possible. and say if you think you know what is wrong with me!


thankyou for taking the time to read


I am 23 years old and i have had many of the same type of problems you seem to have. When i was in high school I would wake up everyone around 3 or 4 in the morning throwing up. I was always really athletic in high school so i thought it was to do to with all my physical activity. I now am able to control that by going to sleep around 9 and getting a full night sleep and also i take some sort of motion sickness medicine to keep me from waking up and throwing up. However, i have had many stomache problems. I have cyst on my right ovary which is very painful. For the past week i have been feeling extremely bloated and fat. If i stand regular i look like i am pregnant. There really is no way i could be because i have NEVER missed a pill and never missed a menstrual cycle. I would love to know what is wrong with you so that i could possibly have some answers for myself. I have gone to many doctors with my stomache and they all say i have some sort of gas problem, but i don't think that i could have that problem constantly. I have never really had any test run to determine the problem, because these brilliant doctors seem to make their mind up of what is wrong without any physical examination.

If anyone is out there who knows exactly what might be wrong, please let us or me know. I am married so i'm sexually active, but that doesn't have anything to do with my current condition.


Maybe Gall Stones - See Your doctor and ask about it.

I got lots of stomach achs. and my stomach always hurt right after I ate. When I described by symptoms to my doctor, she knew immediately what may be causing my problem. She sent me to have an ultra sound. The ultrasound confirmed that I had Gall Stones with atleast one or two that were very large.

At the very least, you should see a doctor. If there is something medically worng with you, it will not go away on its own.


Hi my name is Donald and this is for the 16-year-old. First I want to say don't worry, just be concerned. The other lady who left a comment is right! The first thing you need to do is to see a doctor. And don't be scared. They are there to help. I am not a doctor, but I had the same symptoms. I've been researching for two years about H. pylori, parasites, IBS, and many other stomach problems. Some people think it could be in our water or in our food. But in the last few years they were more and more cases of stomach problems. The first thing you have to decide is that you want to help yourself. You don't have to live this way. Ask your doctor to test you for H. pylori and if that's not it have them test you for parasites. Yes! You're right the way you feel is not normal and there are answers out there. H. pylori is an acid loving bacteria. Try eating oatmeal in the morning, and not hard food. Drink plenty of water, which helps lower the acid in your stomach. If the pain gets very bad take to roll late than your pain should go away for a while. I hope this information has helped you as much as it helped me. Thank you very much don.


hi my name is kendal and im a 19 year old male I have been having stuff wrong with my body it all started this year at the end of march of this year 2008 I was at my grandmas house and I was feeling fine the first few days I was there then the next day I was also feeling fine then out threw the day my grandma was telling me about her stomach hurting all day and then that night she started throwing up and I asked her why she was throwing up and she said she probably had the stomach virus and when my grandma told me she probably has the stomach virus I called my mom up right away and told my mom to come and pick me up because I have a phobia of throwing up and I did not want to catch and get the stomach virus from my grandma because then I could start throwing up and I have a phobia of throwing up so that night my uncle came and picked me up from my grandmas house and when my uncle came and picked me up from my grandmas house he took me straight home when I got home that night I felt fine but that night I worried myself about catching that stomach virus that my grandma had but that same night I was still worrying myself that I would still catch the stomach virus even though I was at home that same night I started getting little cramps below and it was worrying me because I thought I was getting the stomach virus from my grandma when I was at her house that night anyway that same night when I was at home I could not go to sleep that night because I just kept worrying myself that I would catch the stomach virus from my grandma so I stayed up all night and did not go to sleep and as the hours passed I started feeling worst and worst and then when 5 0 clock came in the morning I started feeling a little sick to my stomach and I started to get a little cold and i had chill bumps on me so I went and got me a cover and put it on me because I was a little cold and then i turned the tv on to watch tv to see if it would relax me and calm me down and make my cramps stop hurting below or to see if it would make me stop feeling sick to my stomach so I watched tv for about a hour or two and it started getting a little worst and then it just all of a sudden stopped my cramps below where gone and my sick stomach was gone also I started feeling great and fine again I felt so great and fine that i actually went to my room and went to sleep but then when I woke up that night from sleeping I started feeling bad again i felt so bad that I could not sleep that night either so I stayed up all night also and then when that moring came again around 6 o clock or 7 o clock it just got worst and worst it seemed like each morning of each day it just got worst and worst I started feeling sicker and sicker to my stomach each morning and then the next moring came and it just all of a sudden got even worst and it just all of a sudden hit me bad I started feeling very sick to my stomach and I started panacking and shaking real bad and my heart rate shot up real high and I was very cold also with chills bumps then it eventally calmed down and I was not cold anymore and my bad sick stomach was gone so then after it calmed down I called my mom and told her that something was wrong with me and I needed to go to the emergy room right now but then I changed my mine and said that I did not need to go to the emergyroom because I was feeling fine now but I should of have went to the emergy room but I was scared so then when I got off of the phone with my mother I went to bed and rested anyway I kept feeling sick to my stomach each morning everyday and I was telling myself that if it was a stomach virus it would have not lasted this long and I kept feeling sick to my stomach all the way threw april also and then when the month may got here it started to get worst again I started feeling sicker and sicker to my stomach it got so worst that I started shaking real bad again with chill bumps and my heart rate shot up that night so bad that I got scared and called my mom again and told her that I needed to get to a emergyroom right away because I was not feeling well and till this day its december at the end of the year of 2008 and I still go threw this c**p feeling sick to my stomach and I stay cold most of the time with chills and I have to have a cover on me
can anyone please tell me what could this be or would is going on with my body is just feels like im dieing I no this can not be a stomach virus not lasting this long because I started feeling like this the day I left my grandmas house that night on march of 2008 and here it is now december of 2008 and Im still going threw the same stuff with my stomach feeling sick to my stomach and being cold with chill bumps can anyone please tell me what this could be or what is going on with my body


im 18 years old and i get the exact same symptoms

like some days i will be ok then suddenly feel really sick, it normally happens during the night and i have to be sick or else i feel like my stomach is jst going to burn and i no its not good to always be sick but i feel as though i have to, and also it happens early in the morning and i have to be sick. i hate having to go to the toilet in peoples houses or when im out but my belly hurts alot when i went dr's he didnt do anything and im scared that its going to get so bad im gong to end up in hospital :(

please if someone can tell me what this is i will be so greatful

i dont like being sick i have a group of mates who i love gong out with and i bf and i dont want to lose them because of this :(

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everything that 16-year-old said is what i am feeling right now n the last few days. buttt i was sick the once n then all this happend :-( i'm 14 and i have my GCSEs in 2days time n i dont want to go into the exam feeling like i need the loo, feeling sick or having really bad cramps n pains in my bellyy ... i feel sick atm but i'm not sure that i need some food but i dont want to eat just in case i be sick again. is der anything thay could help me.


I would definately get checked out for H. Pylori. They can do a test with a blood or stool sample, or a breath test. I had many of the same symptoms: pain after eating, pain that would go away after eating (for a short while), constant hunger, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, nausea, etc. Thought I was getting good poisoning everywhere. Other symptoms of H. Pylori are acid reflux, and burping a lot, and feeling full right away after eating a small amount of food. Another thing I experienced was what felt like a pulse in my stomach after eating. I also had anxiety because of it--not sure if it messes with your system so much that it causes anxiety, but not knowing what's wrong with you, and having to change your lifestyle because you're afraid are all things that make one anxious.

Make an appointment to see your doctor! Could be IBS, or a food allergy, but it sounds like H. Pylori to me. Many people get this and it resolves itself on it's own, but some people, like me, have to get treated for it. Left untreated, it can cause ulcers and even stomach cancer.

Good luck! Go see your doc! :-)


Hey , i think seeing a doctor is just gonna put a dent in your wallet lol. You said many times you feel sick but do you actually get sick? there is a big difference between feeling it and actually getting sick. you are afraid of leaving the house cuz you will feel sick again , its all in your head man. To me it sounds like your not a crowd lover, Like at school you started feeling sick , or the fair you started feeling sick. But when you got home it got better. The reason im telling you its in your head is because I too once felt the same as you do now , same age and everything. One day i decided i was sick of feeling sick so i just started doing sh*t anyway and stopped worrying. sure enough a week or two later it got better i started feeling healthy. Just try it ok? Its safe to say people make you sick :-P lol just a lil humor will help also


I think you have ulcers cuz thats happpenining to me I am 13 years old and thats what my mom said!


i am 17 year old and i have the same type of problems i always feel sick and have stomache all the time and some time i can got toliet a lot and some time i cnt i have had lot of test done but they have not found out what worng with me yet but i think it could have somethink to do with my muscular dystrophy

xxx emma


I have been feeling sick in the moring for a long time ( 3 months) everytime i try to finsh eating i get the sick feeling again. Everyday I have been feeling this way. :-( I haven't been eating much at all either. but i have been gainging and loosing weight. can u please help me out?


Well, you know what, you do sound like a hypochonric, BUT....theres nothing wrong with that, its a mental condition and you should not be ashamed or embarrassed....i was excatly the same, i was sick for along time and the more i worried the worse i the end no one would listen to me or take me seriously not even sucks so much that the actual condition that causes worry and panic attacks is treated like a advice....forget the doctor, find a counciler...a shrink.....and see if they can teach you to relax and if they can, most of your phyical symtoms will ease....I have been excatly in your position...just give it a go, you have nothing to lose...good luck, and hope you get well soon


Hey guys
This is in reply to all those with the fear of vomitting. I am exactly the same, as sad as this may sound I am petriffied of vomitting and if i feel i am going to i want my mum right there by my side! if she is not i panic even more. tonight she has gone out for dinner and i have been stressing myself out because she is not here, but because i have suffered this for so long i have learnt that i have to try and keep my mind off it, watching t.v etc and keep calm and the minute i feel sick remind myself that i am not and its all in my head, i am actually looking at going to get hypnotised or to a psychologist. because it is ruining my life.
i have been calling in sick to work alot i dont go out anywhere because i am too scared i will feel or be sick, i dont like going out alone or leaving home for too long or too far away and i wont go on a holiday unless mum is there, wherever mum goes i will try and be there too.
We need to remember that we arent sick very often and if we are feeling sick everyday for no reason its because our mind is doing it, we are convincing ourselves that we feel sick because of stress etc. it happens to me alot, i could be as good as gold for months.... couple of years and then suddenly get worse and i cant convince myself otherwise for months and months. i get scared of eating when mum isnt around in case i get pains and stuff afterward.
i have been to the doctor and they have said that its most likely ibs causing my pains and constipation and toilet problems and could also be connected to me feeling sick after eating cause of the build up for constipation but my fear of vomiting will stay there and i know it until i do something about it.
i get scared at the thought of losing my mum, which of course anyone does but i stress cause i dont know what i would do without her, and if i lost her, i wouldnt get through this sorta stuff it would probably just aggravate it. i would make myself worse.
honestly guys if you know you have a fear, see a hypnotist or psychologist/psychiatrist, you dont want this to ruin your life like it has mine.
im 21 years old, i dont go out, i dont drink (dont really enjoy it, but also fear vomitting) i wont go on a holiday alone with my bf because of it.. although i did 6 months into our relationship... was having a ball and stayed longer, we've been together for 3 years now and the last holiday we went on was with my parents, dont get me wrong we all had a ball together but i sit and think, if we were to get married how would i manage?
We lived out of home for a year and a half and i was ok, toward the end i started freaking and would want to go home to mum late at night but he would refuse to come with me, which i guess helped in a way cause i was forced to snap out of it.
But now i think of moving away from mum and i feel sick again, how would i manage with kids? i wont stay alone anywhere, how would i manage while he is at work?
it's tearing me apart and ruining my life, im depressed and emotional because of it, but i am trying to fix this. but please guys, do the same thing, dont let it happen to you too.


you could have ibs. thats what the drs classify me as even though they dont really know whats wrong with me, but it sound slike you do. i know its had but you just have to face your problems. i know the "toilet" ones are the hardest im 19 yrs old and am a girl so i feel like i have a lot of pressure to have a perfect girl image but i cant help my body and i just have to let the toilet things happen so i will feel better. i know its hard but you can live like this its not ideal but you can find things that make it better. also i found if i dont feel good taking a warm bath will help relax some of the intense pains.just remember your not alone you cant help it so just relax and relationship wise i now have a wonderful person that knows all about my little problems and accepts them and understands that i can not control my body. going to a gastologist kinda helped control somethings but a lot of it was me figuring it out on my own.