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i woke up this morning with 2 bumps on my lip. one very large on the top lip the other one smaller on the bottom lip. they both hurt a little. i have been with the same partner for a year now, and him or i have never had a problem. i do tend to bite my lips alot. and the bottom one did look like a blister a little bit but the top one did not. could this be herpes?



Herpes doesn't have to be transmitted genitally only - you can get herpes simplex virus, the one that causes cold sores, by using a towel infected person used, sharing dishes, kissing.. etc. And if you tend to bite your lips often, then there are far bigger chances that you might have small tear on your lips, allowing the herpes virus to infect you. Did your boyfriend had cold sore ever before? Because if he did, he also carries the virus even if he has no symptoms at the moment.

What I'd recommend you to do is to try OTC antiviral cream for cold sores and see if it has any effect. It should make the herpes caused sores to heal quicker, but if the bumps remain after that, then you'll probably need to check with your doctor what is causing them - if they don't heal on their own..