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Im 17 years old and i started being sexualy active since november , my boyfriend cummed on me like 2 weeks ago and i used a plan b pill , this saturday came and he cummed on me and well i wanted a plan b pill but the doctor didnt give me one cause today is the 4th day cant it still work ? Or not . Iuse to be on birth control istop last month , is there chances im becoming prego :(


Hi Guest,

Yes there is a chance of pregnancy.

Some studies indicate that emergency contraceptives can be effective up to 5 days but the effectiveness diminishes rapidly.  Your doctor is correct in not prescribing it.

Where do you live?  In the US you don't need a prescription for it over 17 (soon to be 15).

But, you shouldn't be using it more than once per cycle either.  It contains a very large dose of hormones.  If you plan to be sexually active then use another form of protection either a condom or daily birth control.

Hope it helps.