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Alright, I am terribly embarrassed to have to post this but at the same time I am terrified of the possibilities and was hoping I could get some straight information to help me. I am a male of 17 years old, and last night me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex. It was my first time, and I know for a fact that I did not cum inside her. I do know however about precum, and that there is the possibility although small that there could have been sperm unintentionally ejaculated with the cowper's fluid. I stopped after a few minutes, and about thirty seconds later I cummed, although I was not inside her or anywhere near her vaginal area. Since last night I have been worrying myself sick. She seemed at ease about it, and I'll admit that it was an amazing experience. This does not change the fact that I am scared that she could still become pregnant. I have literally worried myself sick. I am going to tell her my fears today, but I want more facts before we discuss these things. I love her, and I don't want to be responsible for damaging our relationship. Please help me.

P.S. I already feel like enough of a hypocrite for even having sex. I'm a christian, and have always honestly believed in not having sex before marriage. Now that I reflect on it I feel so dirty. : (


Nothing to be embarrassed about, we've all been in your shoes or will be someday. Don't ever feel dirty. I too am a christian and did not wait (like I was brought up to) until I was married either. I do understand your fears about your girlfriend becoming pregnant and the fact that you "pulled out" was the best thing you could of done besides using a condom or not having sex at all to prevent pregnancy, however it has a huge failure rate. I am NOT a doctor or anything close to one, but I only know from what I have learned, been told, and experienced. You are very right to be worried about pre-cum, wich indeed could very well have been left in your girlfriend's vagina and from what I have been told can contain sperm that could lead to a pregnancy if she were ovulating at the time or within 5 days following intercourse. Sperm can live up to 5 days in the vagina. if I were you I'd get your girlfriend to a doctor to get a perscription of the Plan B pill if she's under the age of 17. if she is 17 or older than you can bring her to any pharmacy and request the Plan B pill. Plan B is Not an abortion pill and will not hurt a current pregnancy. Plan B works by preventing an egg from being fertalized. But it MUST be taken within 72 hrs (No later) following intercourse or it is not effective. Plan B is also knowen as "The Morning After Pill". In the future if you really want to prevent pregnacy than I strongly urge you to either use condoms every time or have your girlfriend go to her Doctor and get on birth control or both. Or don't have sex at all. if you chose none of these options than you risk your girlfriend getting pregnant every timw you have sex. You are young and I commend you for being mature and seeking advise to prevent a situation that is life changing. Not alot of people your age are so careful and end up in a situation that changes thier lives forever.----Good luck to you and I hope you and your girlfriend make wise desissions.