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Since I was 16, I've suffered from Urinary Tract Infections. I'm 27 now and still suffer EVERY time I have sex (almost without exception). For quite a few years now I've avoided the issue by not having sex often at all. Recently however, I've got married and am having sex nearly every day. After 3 UTI's in 3 weeks (basically, as soon as I came off the Antibiotics, I'd get a new one), the doctor gave me Antibiotics to take as a precaution as soon as I have sex. This has worked great for 9 months now!

Problem is, it stopped working. I woke up with a bad UTI and even though I took the Antibiotics to fix it, it's taking 5-6 days to go away (its only just feeling better now..) and I still don't feel 'right'. (burning sensation in the urethra mostly)

I didn't think much about it at the time, but my ex-partner told me about 9 months ago that he had a test for STD's and got a positive for chlamydia. We'd been in a monogous relationship for the previous 8 years!! So, I thought it was a false positive or something.

Another issue is that my periods are horribly painful, and have gotten worse. Even on birth control pills, I'm taking large amounts of pain killers just to cope (mostly sleeping through!) the day or two of pain. Its so bad, I skip every second period and only have one every 2 months now.

Is it possible that chlamydia causes any of these symptoms?



Chlamydia is more than often asymptomatic but if it shows any symptoms, they appear 3 weeks after infection. Chlamydia may cause burning sensation during urination as well as low abdominal pain, low back pain, nausea, fever, pain during intercourse, and bleeding between menstrual periods.

Haven’t you been tested for Chlamydia years back when the first symptoms occurred?
Because if your doctor found you had UTI, it means that he found the presence of E. coli bacteria.

I also think that you suffer from chronic UTI. Many women have such problems especially those who have frequent intercourses. What happens is that urethra becomes irritated and sometimes bladder becomes infected as well. These bacteria may be very hard to treat because they sometimes attach to the bladder walls and cannot be killed by urine acid or flushed by water and they curl up in balls and have sort of protective layers, so antibiotics hardly manage to penetrate to the core of the bacteria ball.

In some girls, chronic UTI’s may indicate urinary tract abnormalities. One of these disorders is called vesicoureteral reflux. Other causes may be immune system disorder, abnormalities in the bladder or kidneys, wiping from anus to the vagina, etc

However, you should certainly be tested for Chlamydia if you haven’t already because if Chlamydia stays in the body for too long it may cause many problems, including infertility.


It does sound like a recurring UTI, however you should get a test at a sexual health clinic to make sure.

To help to reduce the occurrence of infection, make sure you and your partner wash carefully before and after sex with soap for sensitive areas, for yourself try one of the feminine washes made popular on television.

Always wipe from front to back (I'm not being patronising) and without being too personal, any toys used in the bedroom should be wiped with anti-microbial wipes.

Drink LOTS of water (stick within safe limits)- about 1.5 - 2 litres a day is good. At first you'll feel like you need the loo a lot, but your body will get used to it and settle down after a while. This ensures that your kidneys and bladder are flushed, helping to reduce UTI's/ Cystitis.

Finally, drink Cranberry juice (unsweetened) as studies have shown that this stops bacteria from sticking to the urethra and bladder and whenever you get Cystitis or a UTI, try one of the sachets you can buy in the supermarket to treat Cystitis, they usually work for me.

If symptoms persist, always consult a doctor.
Explain to your doctor that antibiotics aren't working any more for you, if my advice doesn't work.

Good luck!

Sympathetic Cystitis sufferer.


I also have a history of UTI. I had UTI 4 times last year. I am just confused, does UTI fall under the category of STD? I dont usually get it right after sex. I had my first UTI a month after I gave birth. My UTIs usually last for a couple of days only and it will only show up when I fail to drink plenty of water. My friend, who has never been into sex, also has UTI.

What I know about antibiotics is you should not take the same brand or kind of antibiotic when you are attacked again by UTI. It must be of a higher level or dose perhaps since your bacteria gets immune to the old antibiotic.

I also have heard about that Cranberry juice for kidney problems. Its actually my friend's maintenance of her UTI. I might give it a try If I have again my UTI.


hanjo85, thanks for adding your insight. No, your UTI does not count as an STD. In fact, it's not an STD--it's something that you can't help but it's unrelated to the actual sexual act, and it's not a disease, it's caused by something in your urinary tract instead. It's very wise for you to use cranberry juice to hold back UTIs as well, because it works very well for everyone who tends to use it. Keep us posted on how things are going!