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I had my surgery 2/16/07. When can I expect the numbness and tigling to go away that remains in all 10 of my fingers?. My walk is a little steadier. Intermittemt pain in both shoulder remains. Also intermitent sore throat remains. I have a productive cough right after surgery with excessive runny nose, Approximately when can I consider myself healed"or prior problems resolved?

Thank you for your encouragement and sharing!


I had my surgery the same day as you had yours (2/16/07).
They removed C4 and C5. They used the titanium cage and metal bracket. I stayed in the hospital for one night. They sent me home on Demerol and Flexeril. They put me in a Philadelphia Trachiatomy collar.

I haven't used the Demerol since last Wednesday. I have no pain. I can't sleep cause of the collar. They won't let me take the collar off, and I can't get the incision or the collar wet, so bathing is a two step process and I cannot do it alone.

They won't start my physical therapy (to regain the use of the right shoulder that I lost and led me to this surgery) until after my 3 week post op appointment (3/9/07).

My mental state is what I am losing right now. Any suggestions for a 32 yr old mother of two and wife of a workaholic traveler? Boredom and the inability to function is killing me.