So how can i explain my double vision, well its nothing new to me, i was born with this, and i can control if i see one or 2. and to make matters alittle difficult, if i try hard i can see double vision out of each eye individually and still see double vision. I have seen and eye doctor, but i dont remember what he said, i was there for vertigo. im light sensitive as well, so hospitals and i do not do well, due to lighting. i went to the hospital once and only made it to being checked out. i couldnt do it anymore so i flipped out and left.
so my question does my double vision effect the lost sense of reality. and why do i feel like some of the things i see are not real. how does my eyes do this but not dialate or even change in anyway when im changing my vision.
try this and u can see wut i see:
put one hand over yer right eye (or close it) and open yer left and do it reversed so yer hand is over the other eye, and u can see how it moves,( yes i kno bc its different eye perception, but why can i see both and control it.
and for sum facts bout me no i do not wear glasses nor do i need them.