Hi, im 16 and for the past 6/7 month ive been having double vision. The second image is on the top right of the original object and is affecting both my eyes, mainly noticable on light things on dark backgorunds and gets worse if i move away from the object. I think its getting worse but im not sure. i also started getting headaches around the same time i started getting my double vision (heacahes most days). I put up with it for a few months and eventually went to the opticians, they said i had a slight astigmatism and perscribed glasses but they didnt do anything. I put up with it until about a week ago when i started shaking, getting numbness/tingling in my face and was sick, the docters told me it was probably a panic attack but everyday since then ive had moments (hours sometimes) where i carnt stop shaking. Ive also been sick quite abit over the past week. I went to the opticians agian yesturday and they said there was nothing wrong with my eyes and they dont know what is causing the double vision. The combinaiton of the double vision, headaches (the headaches arnt too bad, jsut annoying), recent vomiting and shaking is really worring me that it could be something serious :s any ideas?