I have a stomach ache for a 3 years first dotors diagniosis me as a peptic ulcr . after treating they said I have a H.pylori but again treatment have no result.at last they diagnosis FMF(familial medietarnean fever) now i am using cholchisin+rabezole once a day. but my problem didnt release yet.
but what s my symptoms. I used to have a sever stomach ache in middle region of chest that I have to take hyosin Amp. it used to repeat every month but with starting cholchisin the frequent of ache reduced to every 40 days, but 3 week before I have a same ache that even hyosine didnt releif my pain I had to take 2 tablet to cholchisin then the pain gone. but after that my stomach ache every day immediately after taking my meal.please help me I am begging ,because I am tired of this pain I care about my taken food. but I tested that some days even with eating a very harmless food I have a ache and other hand with having pizza nothing happens.dose any one knows my disease .that what is that and how it will go away.