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hey there....i just want to know how can i make my stomach ache go away since i suspect that i could have ulcer but i always suspect that every time i feel the excruciating pain n right at the moment im trying to sit still and move slow since i feel if i move normally the pain might increase n im avoiding to put pressure on it since im really in pain:'( but i guess its my fault since ive eaten food at a late time n ive been feeling like this for sometime n i would like also to know what i can drink that wont increase the pain since yesterday ive drank a lot of cold water suddenly after a long fast walk power walk? and well i guess my stomach didnt like the sudden consumption of water since i didnt eat anything n i skipped dinner n eventually ate at a later time which i hoped ceased the hunger feeling but afterwards it was in pain n well right now the pain is somehow slowly disappearing but im still cautious about my movemnt n i applied a minty ointment but i wanna know what can i do to remove the pain quickly just in case it happen since it always smetimes does

sorry for the messy descritption:-|


Hi, I really understand your problem. I used to have similar symptoms few years ago. Actually I was suspecting that it might be an ulcer as well but fortunately my guess was wrong. It was just connected with bad diet habits. So I had to start to eat mere regularly. 

I tried to ease the pain with some natural methods. 

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Maybe you should try to contact with your doctor ? Maybe he will have more answers for your problem. Your health is not a joke.