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Hello Guys;

I am a 25 yr old male.I have been having this problem for the last 2 years.Initially it was lesser and gradually increased in intensity.

Typically it starts like this.At about 3/4 PM, I feel a bitter taste in the stomach and a dry mouth. After about 30 minutes I feel a ticking sensation on my head right under the hair on the nerve patterns which is a pre cursor of the head ache to come.The pain sets in steadily.The top center hemisphere of the eyes also has a pointed pain inside the eye balls.Later the head ache disappears and the pain in the eyes increases.Then it again spread to the head and a bitter taste sets in the mouth along with a monstrous hunger.I have tried having a lot of food and having nothing.With no food the pain just increases.Having food there is an urge immediately after consumption to pas motion and the hunger appears again.I have tried water, salt, lemon,ginger etc.The stomach just blows up like a balloon with gas presumably and something like ginger makes some gas escape but its still big.The pain moves to the middle forehead(Sinus perhaps?) and some time some mucus comes to throat and from Nose.Occasionally some gas escapes and the pain at peaks remain constant with very tired eyes and occasional blacked feeling like something is covering it.I have sensitivity to noise which can cause head ache and this becomes acute.I normally sleep with ear plugs and eye cover.

Next day morning the Urine has a very strong smell(Normally too it has a strong smell).The pain becomes passive and eyes a still tired and the hunger quite remains.Plus very thick mucus come from the nose(Sinusitis)?

Any one help please.I don"t know what to do!

Thanks a lot!


What you describe happening to you sounds a lot like a migraine to me although there still is a chance that stomach problem like high acidity is causing this. Next time you start to feel headache is coming try some antacid and see if anything changes. But, most people think migraine is just the headache. In fact, migraine is a whole set of symptoms. For most people before headache there are number of signs like changes in vision, hearing or body sensation, but strange taste in mouth is definitely one of the most common signs. And migraine headaches do last more than few hours, sometimes even days. So, you should talk to your doctor to see if that really is a cause.