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I am a working guy of 23 with the same problem of abdominal pain as of the other guy .My case is a bit different .I am like a egg tester .if you want to know whether any cake has slightest amount of cake in it then go ahead and feed me that .If after certain hours I start grining in pain then there is the answer.I don,t know whether that is ellergy .The doctor says i can,t digest fat portion .if it is show how come i have no any problems while eating beef meat or any other meat.i am ok doing so.what the hell of an enzyme is in that egg that goes mismatching when it enters my body and gives me a lot of pain.

well lets give u summary of my pain .after eating egg and also due to pizza may be that also had egg,after some time the pain gradually starts from my abdomen and i always try and go to bathroom so thar i can flush it out, but no progress the pain rises and even reaches my chest .i start thinking of beautiful things and distract my ming but thats of no use at all .oh the pain is so bad i curse myself why did i eat that food .i even try some gastric tablets which may take out any gas inside my stomach but that does not help much .after some time somehow the pain diminishes.
when i was a child my mom rubbed some hot oil in my stomach that did wonders to my psychology and i even now a days try to rub my abdomen. he he so till now the only solution stupid solution i got is to abstain from eggs anything i find is gonna harm me .man but i do like eating burgers ,pizza ,omelete and all egg stuffs its the consequence i am worried please somebody help me as they said in the beatles song.peace peace


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well is it eggs that upset you or products with glutin like flour bread pasta beagals pancakes ext....