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Im a 45 year old male based in the UK.

In March I had a two day bout of very bad vomiting and diarreah - which I think was brought on by food poisoning from shell fish bought at a local market. I visited the doctor after a week of this and was given anti sickness tablets which did the trick.

In late May/early June, I began to feel bloated and over one weekend I had a mild stomach ache. By the Tuesday, I had developed almost projectile diarreah, which lasted about 72 hours.

It cleared up but the stomach ache remained. By the Sunday my bowel movements seemed to have returned to normal but there was still a background stomach ache and then I became constipated for a few days.

Throughout that week and since then, I have had episodes of pain in my coccyx and around my anus. On two occasions I found very slight traces of cherry red blood on the toilet tissue - spots like those you get if you cut yourself shaving and about the size of a small pea. This soon cleared up and by the time I could get an appointment to see the local doctor all I had left was the stomach ache.

She dismissed the pain as a stomach bug and said it could take ten days to clear up.

It didnt clear up and I developed a pain in my left side under the ribs and above the pelvis. I also experienced two nights where I was awoken by a feeling of burning in my throat like I was unable to breathe and had to leap out of dead and drink water and milk to calm the acid.

I returned to the doctor but another physician saw me and said that again it was a bug that would clear up. I was not impressed as I was not examined and explained that my father had passed away with Pancreatic cancer and that several of his brothers had died of bowel or lung cancer. All were between 60 and 65. She took note and examined me. My stomach was tender but she said she did not want to examine me for hemerrhoids as I'd recently had diarreah.

I asked to be referred to a specialist as I was(and am) worried about family history. She agreed that I could have a colonoscopy but that "its not nice and you may not want it when you get there". I explained that I would rather know and the date was set for July 12th. Later that week I got a letter to say that the appointment was cancelled but a "consultation" had been set up for July 10th.

I called the hospital and was told I was not the right age for collerectal cancer and that they would rather chat first. I was annoyed by this but agreed.

Over the last month the pain has gone from mild to very uncomfortable to none at all and I have alternated constipation and normal motions but the pain has remained.

I dont feel sick, and have not vomited, but I've had gas and indegestion regularly. As I write I have a gnawing around the breastbone and a pain in the left side.

This week I began to feel a jabbing pain in my right side about where Iestimate the appendix to be. It spread over night to the crease of my leg and groin and into my right testicle. Upon examing myself I could feel a "mass" about 2cm by 2cm under the skin which moved and felt attached to a vein running in my groin/leg. The "pain" radiates down my thing to almost touch my right knee on the inside of my leg.

I went back to the doctors and again was seen by another doctor who examined me with the cough and drop.

He said that the "mass" was a fatty deposit and nothing to be concerned about but that the stomach issues needed further investigation. He said it was not a hernia or a misplaced testicle. Nor could he find any swollen nodes. I told him my armpits also ached a little but again he could find no swelling.

He said to investigate further I would need to return the week after. I agreed and have set up a series of blood tests and he is considering an endoscopy but does not favour them as "they can puncture your throat and you wind up in hospital" I said I would risk that as I am not a hypercondriac but I suddenly dont feel my usual self. He then added "I know you are worried about cancer. Look at it this way. You can go to bed and think I hope it doesnt snow - and then you wake up to a layer of snow and there is nothign you can do about it. Its the same with cancer - you will get it or you wont.   

So I await all these tests but its really playing on my mind

In summary my symptoms are:  

Constant but mild stomach ache along an arc that crosses below the navel for approx 7 weeks

Ache in left side

Acid indegestion

pain from right abdomen into groin and leg

Small infrequent traces of red blood on tissue

All fecal matter sinks apart from one day when it floated

I am still hungry and eat normall and apart from needing to visit the toilet more often I cant say that eating has played any part in how the ache feels.

NO vomiting

Can any one suggest what this may be or has anyone had similar?


The pain from your abdomen to your groin to your knee sounds like a pinched femoral nerve. You could have worms or something.