I have 2 children already with my first son I was nauseous the entire time and got fat very quickly.My second son I was constipated the first week I was pregnant and didnt even know yet.But never sick.Both boys I was absolutely tired.I had apregnancy before both and never even had symptoms just didnt get my period thats how I knew.Well my baby is 8 months old now and ever since I had him my period has been on time every month the 24th I know today is the 30th and thats not too many days late but I havent went to the bathroom in 3 days #2 and My boobs itch like crazy.My stomache also keeps growling and I remember being pregnant they told me that was the food entering the umbilical cord to the baby.I just started having sex about 4 weeks ago after not having sex in 6 months.And weve had sex every weekend since then.I dont know what to think about all this.Its a new relationship only about 3 months and Im petrified that I will freak him out if I talk to him and I cant just have a baby by someone I barely know.