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hiii, i am 26 years old. i have a problem. for me one testicle is not in its original place where exactly it has to be. it was came up to the place where the hairs are growing. when i contacted the urologist he was suggested me to undergo surgery or else it may cause cancer to testicle. doctor said that if testicle is good, during surgery they keep in its original place if not good they will remove. now i am very scared about my life. after the surgery if doctors removed the one testicle from my body, am i capable to have sex without any problems, am i able to become father if one testicle is removed? kindly advise me by giving your valuable suggestions. 

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This is a question you better ask the specialist. Still, from what I've read in medical journals and forums, if the other testicle is in working condition, then you should have no problems producing male hormones, having sex, and being able to father children. Unfortunately, it sounds as if the other testicle became an ascending testicle, so your only option now is surgery - either an orchiopexy if the testicle is still viable or an orchioectomy if the testicle is not viable.