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I have had internal hemorrhoids that come out during a bowel movement for the last 10 years probably...they don't bleed and don't cause much if any discomfort once I push them back in after the bowel movement.
The problem started a week ago when one of them will not go back in after I push on it.
The Dr. said that it is an internal prolapsed hemorrhoid that has a blood clot in it. He said that he thought I didn't need surgery and that the blood clot would go away by itself in about 3 weeks.
Does this sound right? Has anybody had this type of hemorrhoid and had it go away in 3 weeks? Or did you have surgery of some sort?

He said that he could do nothing outside of the surgery room because if he tried to cut out the thrombosed blood clot on an internal hem, he wouldn't be able to stop the bleeding.
He also said that banding it is not an option right now because of the blood clot.
Please help me with some advice, recommendations and personal stories of what others have had with this type of hemorrhoid.


Ok i suffer from stage 3 prolapsed hems and i use suppositories to help with it so get some suppositories that help with Hems this should help reduce the offending Hem that has clotted I don't know where you live so i can't reccomend any product as each country has a different products. I've ordered some Neo Healar Suppositories they have had some really good reviews.

I've also had 2 lots of bandings even though they helpped for a while they still return. I've been researching alternative methods to surgery (olny the last resort) and there are a couple of methods out there that seem to be pretty good especially with internal Hems.

2. Ultorid
3. Ba Zhi San hemorrhoid procedure (only in canada)
4. Accupunture

Creams and such onlt as you would know after suffering this for 10 years only bandaids the problem does not fix the underlying cause.