Hi I am a 26 yr old male, healthy and active. I got an external hemorrhoid 4 weeks ago. It became thrombosed after a few days. The pain the first 2 weeks was unbearable, so I had to sit with a cushion all the time and used a variety of creams. I went to see an urgent care doctor around week 2 and he prescribed suppositories and recommend sitz baths. The pain and itching subsided but the hemorrhoid is still here. No bleeding either. The issue is I am leaving for a 9 month cycle tour next week overseas (15,000 miles).

I am deciding on either getting the surgery done now to remove the hemorrhoid before I start my trip (with recovery of ~3 weeks) OR waiting until after the trip to do it. I went to see a rectal specialist yesterday to get his advice on what to do. He said that either option is available. I am worried that if I get the surgery done now, even after 3 weeks it could still get infected or result in complications. If I don't do the surgery now, the Dr said there is no way it could get infected since it is closed.

I just wanted to get your guys' $0.02 as well on if it is bad to hold off on getting the hemmhroid removed 9 months down the road. Again it does not hurt or itch. Does the hemorrhoid typically worsen overtime? I feel like I've made it over the "pain hump" 2 weeks ago and now its just there


Thanks for any advice.