I am 32 year old male and had 3 internal hems and 1 external.  I Had my procedure done about 18 hrs ago and i was not prepared for this at all.  It is suppose to b the new cutting edge way to operate with out physically cutting into the tissue.  Instead sutures applied to the interal wall of the rectum to the arteries that supply blood flow.  This is suppose to recontruct the rectal wall and cutt curculation of to the general.


Ok so now more to my point.  I had a actual hem surgery bout 10 yrs ago on 2 internals and dam it was painful every thing after the minute woke up was living hell for at least 1 week if not 2.  I was told the trans rectal procedure with the sutures would b much less pain and maximum 48hr recovery before pain goes away.  I went in round 10am and got ouot of the bulding at noon.  Round 2am i had the urge to try have a bm.  After about 30 secs i had a partial movement but the packing only game out bout half way.  I work it self into almost a 8 in string(and only 4in were hanging out.  So i figure rather than stran to push it out i would just gentley pull it out.

 It was fairly easy to do that but after i am having an intese sensession in the prob area.  I called my doc luckily he was on call and he said that was fine and the main cause of the pain is just something moving threw yr bowels so close after a procedure.  However when i was told about this procedure he did not explain i need to b packed after the surgery and if i feel this bad 18hrs in with no sign of sleep tonight i dont c how this is a 48 hrs recovery from this procedure.  I do no there r far less complications that can arise interms of reoccorance of hems coming back which i thought hapeened after i pulled out the long string of gause.   I checked the area lightly with my finger and found nothing any where but just a few more pieces of gause(which i will wait till my next bm before i touch it .   I will update my prog tomorrow but as of right now they gave me higher lvl pain meds then my actual hemroidectomy.  


So as of now i am kinda wishing i went the old school route but apparently this procedure has less long or short term side effects.  After sufferiing threw both i will add more details bout everything on the Trans arterial non cutting methood as i progress.m I have to take into consideration i guess the fact that circulation had been stopped in 4 places so maybe that is y my pain lvl is much higher.