I have anal muscle pain when sitting on chair for half a year and can't get any improvement. I have a little pain during BM but never have blood. There is a big skin tag on my back passage and it always comes,out during BM. I plan to take traditional hemorrhoid surgery recently because i can't sit for more than 5 min and have to stand for work in my office.

I  already saw a surgeon in Columbia university hospital. The doctor wants to use excision to remove all my internal hems and used botox. another proctologist said my pain is from muscle problem and not from hems. I got confused,by different opinions from two doctors. 

Could anyone recommend a great colon rectal surgeon with high reputation in NYC area? The hem surgury has many complications such as incontinence and anal stenosis if the surgeon doesn't do the surgery well. I hope to find a good surgeon in this field.

Thank you!