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i had the stapled surgery on Friday the 26th. Diagnosed with prolapsed externals grade III. Have had them for 20 yrs and i'm now 40. Prolapsed got worse over past 3 years but able to push them in while showering. I'm a fit and healthy athlete with an organic high fiber diet, drink plenty of water so dietary was not the issue. My bad habit was sitting too long and trying to have a complete bowel emptying in one sitting. Not good, i know now. Ok so the doc tells me i'm a great candidate for the staple but i was very hesitant even as i sat in the prep area of the hospital. Surgery went fine i assume but i was unconscious.

Day of surgery: minor pain as anesthesia was still present, had some numbness in the genitals but was able to pee standing up and numbness went away that night.

day 2: uncomfortable but not as bad as i expected so my outlook was good. Percocet may have helped and had 1st BM at 3 am. That was not fun. Body went into shock and had the chills and shakes as i sat in the tub for 30 mins.

day 3: a 5 on a scale of 10 as far as pain, just more discomfort and pressure of BM all day. Had 3 BM's and the excrutiating burning afterwards is unbearable. Hot baths only help. Peeing standing up no problem during day and also in the tub a few times. Gentials numb and did not pee all night. did not sleep all night due to spasms so i slept in the tub for what few minutes i dosed off. >;) Burning of anus after BM is still major.

day 4: did not sleep all day or relax due to constant spasm and BM pressure. in tub about 10 times for relief. Genitals numb likely due to pressure on prostate from post op swelling of rectal tissue. not fun. did not pee and was in pain ready to go to ER for a catheter, more fun. >:( Had a BM just as i was ready to leave for ER and forced bladder to empty thank God. Still having strong muscular spasms every day.

day 5: slept great! surprised! but did not pee in tub after BM so i was again ready to go to ER. Same result, someone loves me and i peed in tub. whew! Did not sleep this night either due to major spasms in the area. Gentials still somewhat numb. Yikes!

Day 6: Numb genitals but peeing in tub. burning is still bad after BM, BM's are easier with less effort. A little better today and actually got out of the house to visit doc as an emergency because of the pain and spasm i have. He wanted to check for blood clots.

Keep in mind that i was not fully convinced of this surgery and still am not sure it's the best option.

There are many natural cures and fixes for hemorrhoids and i would suggest you do all of them before surgery. i would NOT do this or suggest this to anyone until you exhaust all options! I for one did not and i regret it, as i had just purchased a program to do so.

To help with the burning and discomfort post BM, i suggest you use some homeopathic salves or creams. I just started and they work well.

P.S. has anyone else had the gential numbness that i have for as many days?



I'm in the same boat as you stage 3 prolapse able to push it back inside when needed. I'm now 43 dealing with this over the last 10years or so. Choice was for stapled or PPH as some places call it but when i see my surgeon this Friday the 9th I hope that i can go for the THD or just some more bandings i don't want to go for full surgery. I've tried some creams and suppositories but they only help for a while as everything stills comes back.

If you know of any other alternatives (i'm considering Acupuncture as first choice if i need surgery) i would be glad to hear of them for internal Hems as most I've seen are for external.

Cheers and i hope you feel better soon.



Don't do the Stapling! I have half a dozen friends who had the traditional excision and they were back to normal in less than a week. Less chance of recurrence and complications. If at all costs, never have a procedure where it invades the internal structures of the body. I'm a Chiropractor and I was very hesitant to have staples in my body and an invasive procedure but my doctor never suggested the standard hemorrhoidectomy. I would have and may have to do that in the future from the reports about the recurring issues from stapling. If you want them gone just have them cut out.

You'll be back on your feet in 3-5 days. I'm on day 8 and still have burning after BM's and some muscle spasm.

Alternatively, you can check out a system called the H Miracle. go to i didnt get the chance to try it but it's worth a shot before surgery.

Believe me, this guy never suggested an alternative because of monetary gain. I'm now stuck with post op office visits and an uncertain end to my discomfort. he told me he has seen people get back to normal in 3-5 days. BS is what is say

Best of luck!

Dr. B


Hey Dr.B i know what you are talking about.

Last year when i had 3 internal bandings my doctor never told me of what pain to expect and i tell you it's quite a bit. When i saw him the next time he was amazed that I had pain. What i think is if these A-holes told you the truth you wouldn't go the surgery at all you would just put up with them.

oh by the way admin don't allow web sites so just google H-miracle .



I agree. I would have just dealt with them or had the externals removed. At any rate I shouldn't complain any longer since the deed is done. The body heals itself and time will be the main factor. I just wanted to post so that I could truly
warn people of the after effects so decision can be made accordingly.

And sorry about the URL . I didn't know the rule on that one.

all the best,

Dr. B


Day 7-17:

painful BMs not as bad but also had bouts of muscle spasms in the region which made me feel like i was crawling out of my skin. couldn't sit still and be comfortable and was married to a hot pack on my rear end to get some comfort.

But on day 15 after a BM which was effortless aside from some pain, I noticed some tissue on the outside of my anus! hmm.. hem? It was painful and red and i couldn't sit down. Called the doc and he was out so I got his cell and left a message. Was I pissed? you bet I was. this is not supposed to happen. he called back and told me I may have some thrombosed tissue from the surgery and a blood clot.

Damn! The reason I had the Stapled done is to avoid external tissue. No luck. The pain subsided over the weekend but the tissue still remains. this is more than what i had before surgery. Prior to that I had no pain with my hems just some swelling after a BM which would go away after an hour or so and could push them back in. Now i have more problems.

Monday April 12: Dr. requested to see me immediately and discovered and told me that i have some tissue that came loose from the staples and has prolapsed! Holy Sh...! I told this guy off and pointed out that his suggestion of this was to prevent all of the complications. He screwed up! Now he says the only remedy is to cut off the tissue and go through another two weeks of recovery as I haven't fully recovered from the first one. I believe he just didn't want to admit he did a less than thourough job.

If anyone is reading this... DO NOT DO THE STAPLE procedure. Try THD or standard hem ectomy if you qualify. If you are asymptomatic, just leave them alone and search for some naturaly cures.

This experience is the worst and no one should have to endure it.