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I have always had a funny cycle sence 6th grade My periods have lasted for months my Mom Took me to the Doctor as a clild and they said I was animic and gave me Iron pills. Well that was okay for awhile and now at age 24 I stay on my period for 6 months at a time(this is the first time it has lasted this long it keeps getting longer and longer). One time a month it will go heavy then just lite but enough to have to use a tampon. Can you help is it just normal for my body cause it is use to this cycle?????



Trust me when I say I know how you feel. I started my period when I was 13. My period was never on a scheduled it came when it wanted to, but I never really worried because it would only last 3-4 days. Then when I was 16 my period lasted 4 months. In the beginning it was normal flow but then my uterus got angry! It was bleeding very heavy and I even had clots that looked like I dropped out a liver! It wasn't until Dec. when I tore ligaments in my knee that I got medical "help" for my period problem. They put me on birthcontrol and gave me iron. It worked okay for a while. After a year and a half and 4-5 different birthcontrols and lots of side effects later my Phyicians Assisstant told my that I should just stop the birthcontrol venture and just let my body regulate itself. Surprisingly it worked for 3 years. I had normal periods with regular flow and they lasted 4-5 days. But something went strangely ary. For the last year and a half my periods have lasted 4-6 months with ranging flow from light to extremely heavy. They have done hormone tests and ultrasounds with no explaination of the cause for my strange periods. I'm sorry for the length I just felt the need to vent because I'm so frustrated. But even though I haven't gotten answers I feel that medical advice is the best. Don't except that having your period this long is normal because it is not. Something is wrong even if it can't be seen.