I had protected intercourse with my boyfriend on the 29th of April (we checked the rubber to see if it had broken and it hadn't) and after that, I had protected intercourse again on the 10th of May (we used a rubber, he pulled out, and we also checked once again if the rubber broke and it hadn't) then 2 days later, I experienced what I thought was my period but it was brown-ish and had a little blood mixed with it so I realized it was "spotting." My period was due a week after that, but it didn't come. I haven't had sex after that and I still didn't get my period. I took a pregnancy test last week early in the morning because I read it was best that time and it came out as NEGATIVE. I haven't felt any type of "pregnancy symptoms" either. Also, I'd take ECP (emergency contraceptive pills, aka morning-after pill) on the 9th of April and on the 31st of March after my first time which occured on the 28t of March. Question is, how come I haven't had my period?? And is it possible that up until now, the ECPs are messing with my hormones and my cycle? PLEASE ANSWER. :( Thank you!!!