I am 20 years old and just recently lost my virginity to my boyfriend. It was his first time also. We had protected sex with a condom for the first time on April 10th and then again about a few days later. Just recently (this passed Tuesday, April 25) we had protected sex once again. I was supposed to get my period April 26. The day we had sex which was the day before my period was supposed to come I had been experiencing cramps and having some discharge along with soreness in my boobs which is normal for me on my period. However, since that day my cramps have been mild and not like they usually are and I no longer have any discharge. We are both so worried and confused. We used a condom at all times and he never came inside of me. Always pulled out even with the condom on to be extra cautious and we even checked for rips or tears. The condoms were fine. Is this normal? Has this happened to anyone else? Im hoping to get my period soon but I am stressing and don't want to delay it any more with stress. Could this just be an effect from losing my virginity?