So my last period was July 9-13 but since then I lost my job and I had to go to the hospital and take medicine for a UTI. I later on that month was left by a guy who just walked out on me for no reason so I was really sad. On Aug 2 I saw an old friend and we had always had this connection and thing led to another and we had sex but he said it had been a while so he finished pretty quickly maybe 3 minutes tops but we had a condom and after we went for a round 2 guessing for my pleasure. Days later that guy who left came back and we had so called makeup up sex (we tried) and 10-15 second within he said u was bleeding which I thought was my period because it was expected a day or two later. So we stopped and I went out TP and next morning I check and just a line do dried up blood . My period still isn't here it's been 4-5 days since expected and I've messed the old friend and he went through he trash and checked and he said he squeezed and no leaks and then yesterday he checked again and he put water in them and nothing leaked out. I usually have 29-32 day cycle I'm not on any BC and I had PMS symptoms since that week following and I've been so stressed because of this I haven't been able to sleep, really eat , I've had really negative thought and I've cried. I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative and it was only 9 days since so I know it can be too early but I just don't see how im late if we checked twice already. And regards the other guy he says it's impossible because he didn't finish and the condom wasn't broken or leaking and pre cum had been finished off during oral before we actually had sex . I can't deal with this anymore it's honestly causing me to be paranoid at all time.