Hi, I had protected sex one day after my period ended. He did ejaculate inside me, and inside the condom, however I am pretty sure none of it leaked because he never said anything was wrong, and I know he would have. Fast forward to now, and I am 2 days late on my period. I have been having the typical symptoms that I always get before my period, my nipples are a little sore, but not swollen and my areola are the same color they have always been (I say that because I know those are signs of pregnancy too). Other than sore nipples, I haven't experienced any pregnancy-like symptoms. Also, about a week ago my cervical mucus was clear and watery, and now it's white, sticky, and tacky. My average cycle length is 28 days, and I don't think I was ovulating when I had sex, but like I said, my period is 2 days late. Can I still be pregnant!?