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I had sex two days ago and I'm afraid I might be pregnant.
I notice that when I'm ovulating I do get this mucus like discharge, it's clear and stringy. I usually get it right before my period.
When I had sex I didn't have this discharge but my period was already late. My cycle is not regular, I have skipped two months altogether before. Also, he didn't wear a condom. He didn't cum inside me, or at all. This was my first time and I'm really afraid of being pregnant. I'm not ready for a child.
If it helps at all my last period was around the middle of last month.
Another thing is the top of my breasts hurt, where it makes the transition from the flat part to my breast. I haven't been wearing a bra really and they are just a little on the bigger size but usually that doesn't happen. Could that be a symptom of pregnancy? Also, this morning I felt cramping coming on but no blood yet.

I would really like a reply! I'm so scared!! :'(


Take a pregnancy test if you were supposed to have your period. My first sign when I was pregnant was sore breasts. The guy I was with said he didn't cum either so it was pre-cum! Guys can't feel it.