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I am a 48 yr old Female
I was dignosied with
For years I have had
Depression & Anxity Disorder
8 yrs ago Fibromyalgia & Sleep Apnea
5 yrs ago EDS
5 yrs ago RLS
2 months ago I went to a Mental DR
I was dignoised with
Adult ADHD
Depression which is bad
Anxity Disorder
Very low self Esteem

Perscriptions I am now taking
60 mg of Prozac
80mg Adderall
10 mg Ambien
10 mg Lisinapril
.05 mg Xanax

I have tried Ritilin and it knocked me out
Provigial and Nuvigil didn't help and had every side effect and then some
Adderall I am still tired off and on all day and can't sleep at night unless I take Ambien
I Quit caffine a long time ago but I am having a cup today!

Ok so all of this to ask a question

Am I over medicated?
And the other question I have is I used to take Fastin (Phentermine hydrochloride) to lose weight 37.5 mg cap
quit a few years ago and I remember 1 cap would give me plenty of energy
I asked my sleep Doctor why I couldn't change from Adderall to Fastin he said
it is dangerous and woudln't perscribe it.
Can you tell me what is in the Fastin that works differantly
then what is in Adderall, Ritilin ect?
My firend said she is convinced that if she changed my diet I would be fine.

Sorry so long but I felt you needed to know it all iom order to answer my questions.
I just want to get better. I need to, I am only working 4 to 12 hours a week
Thank you Spacy


Hi spacy! I would hate to diagnose you myself because I am not a medical professional. That said, the fact that you take Xanax, Prozac, and Ambien is worrisome. They're all pretty strong drugs to take and I think that there might be some unnecessary overlap. Are you also going to therapy for your self esteem? I think that would work better than Prozac or Xanax. Is there a doctor you can go to who can examine everything you're taking to help you pare down? Let me know.