this is my first time posting & I don't know if it's in the right area, so sorry! I used to smoke weed all day everyday for about 7 months, I stopped cold turkey 12 days ago, the first few days I felt fine, was craving it and feeling a bit irritated. then after that I literally felt as if I got the flu, it hurt to be touched, I had a really bad blocked and runny nose, awful heads, really bad cough with phlegm, I was going really hot then really cold, I've not been able to eat too much because my stomach hurts and it makes me feel extremely sick the thought of eating, it's died down a bit now but I'm still feeling all them but without the flu feeling. My cough is still really bad and so is my nausea, I don't really have the craving anymore maybe once or twice a day. How long can I expect for this to go on, and do you have any advice to help with these symptoms? I also lost all my motivation. Thank you in advanced.