I am an 18 year old with costochondritis to start off. The bouts of chest pain I endure are sometimes relentless but ultimately go away. I also have dormant asthma, which gives me extra worry about this situation. Since yesterday I have been experiencing flu like symptoms: some chills, occasional fever that goes up to 38.5 Celsius, diarrhea, stuffed but not runny nose. I blow my nose and blood comes out but when I cough I get no trace of it (my nasal passages/sinus are bleeding). I mostly have a nonproductive dry cough but this morning I came up with lime green phlegm which by the end of today has turned once again to spit/clear or white phlegm if anything at all. Strangely also, now that I've been sick, my costo has been less prevalent (not completely but noticeably). I can breathe normally but when I breathe deeply I can feel a bit of phlegm left, breathing out. Decongestants that loosen mucus in the lungs (Mucinex) dont work to get out what's left. My sternum also aches sometimes (not related to my costo however because it feels the pain is underneath that). Is this a Virus? Bacterial? Is it just the flu or a pneumonia complication due to my costochondritis?