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I am 22 and on day five of quitting smoking weed. I have some side effects that I would like help with. I smoked off and on for 2 years and wanted to stop for a bit. I was smoking anywheres from 2-5 days a week just before quitting. I have always woken up once a night to go to the bathroom but now I wake up sooner, sometimes twice a night from very real/ vivid dreams and its hard to fall back asleep. next I have problems eating as much as I usually do, slight head aches, stomach pain, and bad gas. all in all I'm just tired of being tired it takes a lot longer to get going in the morning and I'm not about to start drinking coffee because I have been told it sure doesnt help with the paranoia. Also I dont want to start spending money at tims every morning hahaha.


Let me ease your mind: it's all very common in weed withdrawal. Been there, done that, feel much better now.

Surf the symptoms and give them as little attention as possible, don't let them make you anxious. In a matter of weeks the symptoms will subside and you will feel better. Hang in there!!